Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nailed It!

I found myself with a few extra minutes today, so I gave myself a new Jamicure. You know - the vinyl nail wraps by Jamberry!
I hardly get to sew (much less quilt) anymore, so I thought I'd use my latest "quilty" Jams for my latest Kaffe-icure!

But first...this is why I don't just use polish. I am so not coordinated enough to not get it everywhere. No matter how careful I am, or how much time I take, I still end up looking like a 4 year old did it. And that's just embarrassing. Actually, I think a 4 year old could have done a better job.

I've never been a manicure-type girl. As a matter of fact, I've had two manicures in my entire life: when Megan got married, and once, when I was on a retreat at the Compass Center. I've always had super short nails, cuz I work hard, play hard (ok, on the piano), and I...I... well, I was going to say clean hard, but that'd be a lie. But I supervise! 
Since I don't have a lot of time to play the piano anymore, I've been attempting to let me nails grow... hahaha - typo - I sound Irish! I mean MY nails grow! Just so I could have some fun with wraps. They last much longer than polish ever did, and they actually keep my nails from chipping and splitting.
Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah. Right on top of my hideously messy polish, I applied my new jams: Happy-Go-Lucky and Nepal Relief. Together, they look like they're straight out of a Kaffe Fassett quilt - and I love them! Here they are with a backdrop of Kaffes. I know, right?? (And Spoelker - I know you're jealous!)

And see the ones right above my hand? Those are the ones my daughter Megan had made from my May Desktop Calendar 

I designed it in EQ7 and when she saw it, she asked if she could use it for an exclusive Nail Art Studio design for Jamberry. They came out great! If you'd like your own set, they're only available through Megan - and tell her I sent you!

She also did a set of gradated teal chevrons to match this fabric - cool, right?

And she put these together, too, so you can only get them from her:

Jamberry also has quite a few wraps that look quilty or crafty like these:

Or, for the Modern Quilter, how 'bout...

Any of the wraps that are on a clear background (like the one above), can be layered over other wraps or nail polish, so you can have them be any color you want! Like these. I layered a black and clear design wrap over a gorgeous glittery one - and it's awesome - see?!

There's a ton more on the Jamberry website, so go take a look. We could start a whole movement of quilty nail wrappers! And if you have a design you'd like to see in a wrap, just ask Megan. She'll be happy to work with you to totally customize yours and make them truly one-of-a-kind!
And did I mention that each sheet of regular wraps are only $15 (and Megan gives a "Buy 3, Get 1 Free" deal) and there's enough on the sheet for two (2) manis and pedis. You can not get a better deal for your nails than that!
And tell Megan you heard about them here. Maybe she'll give me a discount next time!


Quilt Junkie said...

I love ALL of them. ALL. OF. THEM. And therein lies the problem - I can't pick just one, or just four, and my cart just overflows! *Really* love the hexies though. <3

Diane said...

Peggy! Take a picture of your cart so you can remember what you wanted, then delete all but your favorite one and ORDER IT! Sheesh!

Carla said...

Those are pretty cool. I've never used the jamberry nail wraps.

Hope you are well. Hugs