Sunday, August 19, 2018

Retreat Winds of Change

Things are winding down here after a very busy summer, and I hope the Texas
temperatures start winding down, too!

Speaking of winding down, I’m ready to do that too. After thinking about it long and hard
for the past two years, I’ve decided to retire and take it easy and head for the Hill Country. I'll still be quilting for customers and since many of my current customers are long-distance anyway, it shouldn't be too much of a change.

So, I’m putting the retreat up for sale - as a retreat business. It will not be closing, and
there will be no downtime between my handing over the keys and the new retreat owner
taking it over. As part of the sale, I am providing plenty of training on the website,
reservation & bookkeeping program, etc., to allow for a seamless transition. All the
furnishings and supplies will be sold with the retreat, so, even under new ownership, it'll
still be the familiar home-away-from-home that you're accustomed to.

Again - the retreat is not closing! It will just be under new management. All tentative and
confirmed dates will be honored, for as far into the future as has been booked (which is
several years!) Those on my Ad Infinitum List will remain on the new owner’s list.

As an aside, I’ll be selling my home (the log cabin next door) after I sell the business, as
my daughter’s family has already moved to Austin, and is busily looking for property for
me. She has a home across from my log cabin that’s for sale, as well as another one
about a mile away. Any potential retreat owner might be interested in looking at one (or all
three!) of these, as their proximity makes running the retreat a breeze.

I have thoroughly enjoyed these past 10+ years being host to so many wonderful groups
of quilters, scrapbookers, beaders, needleworkers, church groups, and so many more. I’ve made some tremendous friends through the retreat and will miss seeing you all on a regular basis. I do, however, reserve the right to come crash your group when I'm in town, so, be

If you’re interested in being a retreat owner, now’s your chance! Let me know, and I’ll put
you in touch with my business broker - she’s a sweetheart. If you know of anyone who might be interested, by all means, spread the word! It’s a fun enterprise, and I’d do it again in a

And, one more time: Have no fear - the retreat is not closing!


Monday, January 1, 2018

January 2018

It's been exactly two years since I last had a new post, and a lot has happened in my life. If you recall from my previous posts, I had to shut everything down to care for my gravely ill husband. Five months after my last post (January 2016), Andy passed away, leaving me and our five kids and six grandchildren heartbroken and devastated. I feel like I've been "lost" for all this time, and I'm still struggling to figure out who I am without him.

Andy truly was/is the love of my life - I couldn't have asked for a more loving, funny, caring, man to walk with me through life. We met in 1973, when I was 21 and he was 29. We started here, in Carmel, California

and ended here, at his "After Party" 

Not all of the kids and grandkids are in this photo, but they were all there. Andy's brothers and their wives (and some of their kids) made it out from California for the service, and it was a bittersweet reunion. I have that large wood sign in my studio. It quotes one of Andy's favorite songs, and I can remember it with reassurance every time I see it - even if some days I'm not totally convinced.

I know some of you won't want to read this...but I'm still not ready to commit to the monthly desktop calendars. Yet. I'm sorry. So much change, so many demands on me and my time, responsibilities, and a need for simplification and prioritizing, leaves me trying to come to terms with the difference between 'needs' and 'wants.'

My first priority has to be me - and figuring out who I am as mother, grandmother, quilter, musician, retreat owner... is at the top of my 'need' list. 

Speaking of the retreat. Last May, on the first anniversary, I sold my house, and closed the Cabin Too to retreaters, and moved back into it. You know how people say, "Don't make any big changes during that first year?" Well, don't schedule anything important on that first anniversary. I speak from experience. The movers, my kids, my son-in-law, the neighbors, and the dogs, were treated to a noisy, embarrassing meltdown in my front yard. Don't do that.
Don't think you're different. You're not. 

Back to the retreat: So now I'm back to just the one retreat and it's almost completely booked for 2018. 2019 is filling up, too! If you've got a group, even a small one, check out the website calendar for open dates, and nab one quick.

Now. It's the New Year, and with that comes at least one resolution, right? I don't usually go for those, cuz really, what's the point? I won't remember it by Jan 3rd, so why add to my frustration? But this year, I'm making one (1). Prelude: a few months ago, I was given a mug rug by my good friend Reeze Hanson (of Morning Glory Designs ), and I've decided to hang it in my studio where I can see it and follow it every single day.

And speaking of happy - here's to a Happy New Year for us all, complete with cookies - from my favorite bakery in Chicago - and they ship!