Monday, May 18, 2009

The Finish Line!

I've decided to actually keep track of how many UFO's I finish this year, and with 48 UFO's in various stages of completion, I really need the encouragement to press on. I've finished four, but added another, so I still have 45 UFO's stage-whispering to me from my studio closet. Here's the first batch for the year:

Jackson's Star

48" x 48" for my grandbaby Jack.

Meganz Heartz

These blocks were the result of a class with Jan Mullins back in...I don't know...2001?
46" x 52"

Sugar & Spice

34" x 40" For my newest grandbaby Teaghan

The corner squares in the borders and the 'snowball' corners are cut from her daddy's shirts.

London Roads

50" x 50" This is a "throw down baby quilt" in the event I need an emergency gift. I have several ready and waiting to be gifted. The blocks were the result of an exchange with my favorite online swap group, Sew Many Swaps, using 1930's reproduction fabrics.


TexasRed said...

These are beautiful! What great gifts! I especially love the alphabet fabric and the tie-in with daddy's shirts!

Casey B said...

Jack's is beautiful! And I love the use of Mike's shirts.


its wonderful,