Friday, February 19, 2010

The Finish Line 2009, The End...finally

I'm only slightly behind on my record-keeping, but I came across this quilt in my studio and realized I'd completely forgotten about posting it to my blog. It's a Dear Jane-esq baby quilt that I finished last July. It's called Baby's Jane or Whatever Happened to Baby Jane...haven't made up my mind. It's a throwdown baby quilt for a future grandbaby. Take a good look and guess what's so cool about it.

So here's what's so cool: it's a cheater. The whole center panel is one piece of fabric - I didn't have to do any piecing except for the border. I imported a photo of the panel into EQ6, sized it according to its actual size, then fitted that triangle border to it. I printed out the templates for the triangles, sewed a thin coping strip to two sides of the panel, and whipped up the borders. They fit perfectly. I started it on Saturday and had it quilted and ready to show at our guild meeting on Tuesday. Way cool. Maybe I'll do another one with 'boy' colors for the borders.


Betty said...

So if I understand, you scanned in a picture of a Dear Jane quilt, and printed the blocks. If it is all one size - just HOW BIG is your printer??? I think this could be a workshop for Tri-County!


Diane said...

No, Betty - the interior of the quilt is a cheater panel that I bought at Houston Int'l Quilt Festival in 2008. Not big. I took a photo of it, imported the photo into EQ6 and set it as a photo where the body of the quilt would be. Then I added borders around it in EQ. All I had to print out and then piece was the border. That was just sewn on to the cheater panel. Easy!