Monday, April 30, 2012

The Finish Line - April 2012

O.M.G. Has it really been over a year since I've finished one of my own projects? Apparently. And the only reason I finished these two is because I'd entered them into our guild's quilt show last month. I had aimed for four entries but only finished two. Small. Ones. The first one was made for a border workshop I took a few years ago and never finished. I know. Surprise. I'll go ahead and mention that the whole idea of the workshop was to make different borders fit the center, and the highlight was to show how to miter the outside border so the stripes would turn the corners perfectly. "What stripes," you ask?? Yeah. I brought all solids. Typical. Everyone else brought the appropriate fabrics. Big fat eye roll.
Plain & Fancy
2nd Place, Wallhanging, 2012 Tri-County Quilt Guild Show
Then I had a miniature quilt that I quilted with clamshells, (which totally sucked), so two days before I had to turn it in, I ripped it all out and re-quilted the whole damn thing. Ok, so it's only 16" square, so really, it took way longer to rip than it did to re-quilt. I still wasn't happy with my quilting choices (too much fiddly-feather-foo-foo in the center which you can't even see), and it might have gotten a ribbon if I'd quilted it differently. I may rip it out again and re-re-quilt it. Maybe - maybe not. It's not like I don't have better things to do with my time...
Click on it. Go ahead, click on it! Even that big you can't see the 4 feathered wreaths in the center!
I do like the 1/4" chevron border though...So let that be a lesson to you...don't wait til the very last minute before a deadline til you start quilting, and don't waste time quilting intricate patterns when they won't even be seen.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 2012 Desktop Calendar

I'm at a retreat at Sky-Vue Lodge in Winslow Arkansas, and I've had puh-lenty of time to get some of the things on my To Do List checked off. This is the view from the porch off my room
My friend Peggy took these photos with her phone - aren't they gorgeous?
That's a Luna Moth - before the bird got him. Below was all that was left of him this morning. Damn bird.
Anyway - here's the April calendar - Click on it to expand the image to full size, right-click and choose Set as Wallpaper or Background. To really jazz up your desktop, right-click on your background and choose a color that coordinates with the calendar - you'll be the envy of your cubicle!