Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crazy Chicken

Although I've owned many a crazy chicken in my life (especially the Polish Crested's) I've never owned one as crazy as this!

It was made for me by a very dear quilting friend as a Thank You gift. She gave it to me at our guild meeting last month, and I must say I was (and am still) floored! It's almost 12" tall and weighs almost 10 pounds, and is incredibly beautiful. I'd mentioned about 18 months ago that I'd seen one at a Crazy Quilting gathering at my retreat facility and she filed that info away and worked on it secretly for a year. I'm thoroughly humbled that Shirley would go through so much effort for me. She's also a very talented longarm quilter and you can see her work at
Shirley's Machine Quilting


TexasRed said...

This is beautiful! I love the embroidery over the crazy patches & the little feet make me laugh!

Sara said...

That is one great chicken! I have one similiar but not nearly as cool as that one!
Your friend did a great job!