Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mini Bling!

Ooooh - I almost forgot! Guess what car bling my Mini Cooper is sporting!
My new, super-custom VANITY PLATES!

I waited over a year for special order 7-character license plates to be available from MyPlates and finally, for 7 days only, the first week in March, they began taking orders. A little pricey for one year, but if you did it for 10 years, the price amortizes out to the regular price per year for vanity plates. You just have to spend that chunk all at once.

As soon as it hit 7am I was all over it! I've spent a year looking at all the different plates, styles, colors & logos and I absolutely knew what I wanted. I was petrified that something would go wrong - the power would go out - my credit card wouldn't go through - I'd oversleep. I know. What a geek. I can't help it. Had the plate design, had the text. Just had to click on Order. Click. Nothing. Click! Nothing. ClickclickclickclickCLICK!!! #$%^&!!! Sure enough - my #$%^ browser locked up! Couldn't back out, couldn't place the order. All I could do, was delete my plate from the cart. I was beside myself. Hysterical. In a total panic. I know, I know...but I really, really wanted those plates. My resident techs were still in bed (how could they sleep through the screaming?!), the dog was hiding, and I was a raving madwoman! (I know, right?? Hard to believe.) I closed Firefox and opened up Safari. Started over. I had the same knots I get in the pit of my stomach when I place what I hope will be the winning bid in the last 32 seconds of an eBay auction. ( I love my jadite!) The planets must have all been aligned, because it went through in about 10 seconds. But I couldn't relax til I got the confirmation email. Then, I was on pins & needles for the next two weeks waiting for them to arrive at the local tax office.

When I finally went to pick them up, the creepy guy next to me was picking up his:

Yeah. That's not really his actual plate. But it looks just like it. I told you: he was a big scary-looking dude and he didn't look like he'd want me taking his picture. But you get the idea. Oh. And his plate suits him.
Anyway - if you're driving around the Houston area and see this - wave!

(Don't honk. That might elicit a somewhat ummm...negative reaction. If you get my meaning.)


Reeze Hanson said...

Love your new plates! Glad they are finally here. The mini looks like a million in her fancy clothes!

Carla said...

Nice touch to the copper ;o)

Beth said...

Congratst on the new plate! Mine says 'bzyqltr" and I love it! My husband...not so much when HE drives my car! rotlf!