Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Desktop Calendar

Where has this year gone? I remember a couple of months ago I was thinking of pulling the Virginia Creeper vines off the side of the house, but it was too cold and dreary. January is always cold and dreary here in Houston, so I remember saying to myself on the way to the couch, "A nice venti white chocolate mocha would be perfect with an afternoon spent watching Remains of the Day. January's not the time to do outside work anyway. I'll wait another month or two til it warms up." So I did.

Then all of a sudden it's September 30th and those stupid vines are 10 months bigger, thicker and stronger and have grown super-suckers that redirect the tendrils to crawl in between the siding and end up inside my bathroom. Inside. Through a crack between the wall and the window. Not the part that opens. The part where caulk is supposed to go to keep stuff like this from happening. 
For no reason in particular,  today's the day they absolutely, positively must come down. In 92* heat, 98% humidity and air so thick it makes me wheeze. Just me and the mosquitos. I worked on the vines, the mosquitos worked on me. I hate nature. That's why I live in the woods.  :big eye roll:

Even though I'm pretty much a pessimist, I think I know for sure that cooler weather will be coming soon. Well, maybe not soon, but at some point. Preferably in the next couple of weeks, and definitely before Christmas. But Halloween's on the calendar first, so here's a little pumpkin quilt for your desktop. Don't expect to see any frost on the pumpkin for quite a while though...

Click to expand the image to full size, right-click and choose Set as Wallpaper or Background.
To really make the calendar "pop" right-click on your background and choose black. All your co-workers will be jealous of your awesome wallpaper!

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Linda G In Nevada said...

I just found your blog today - and I totally agree with how fast the year goes by!! Thank you for doing this calendar, I'm loading in onto my desktop at work on Monday. I saw your Oct 2013 calendar and just loved it - now I find this lovely current version. I'm definitely going to start following you! Linda G in Nevada