Friday, February 1, 2013

February Desktop Calendar

February in Houston...we had an 80* day and a week later, we had a hard freeze. We throw on t-shirts and flip-flops one day, and scramble for sweaters and heavy sox the next. Last night I went to bed with the window open, and woke up at 2am to see my own breath! In the house!! I like to sleep in a meat locker, but jeez...this is ridiculous!
Ok - so I finished a quilt top I started in a class last year with Cynthia Regone and I liked it so much I thought I'd adapt the pattern for use as one of my desktop calendars. Here's the top - no snickering about the photo quality, please:
It's a kaleidoscope pattern made up of 2 different combinations of lights, mediums, and darks. And Cynthia made it so easy to put together, I just may make another one!
So here's your February calendar:
Click to expand the image to full size, right-click and choose Set as Wallpaper or Background.
To really make the calendar "pop" right-click on your background and choose black.
I'll be back in a few - in the meantime, enjoy your desktop calendar, and Happy Valentine's Day!


Lotte said...

No snickering :-)It's beautiful!

Diane said...

Thanks, Lotte - you're always so encouraging!

Carla said...

No snickers he either just almond joy. Love that quilt and it makes for a nice calendar setting.