Wednesday, November 28, 2012

International Quilt Market/Festival Shoe Report

Ok, I'm only about a month late with sue me. Life's still hectic on our dirt road, what with Andy's health issues, running two retreat facilities, quilting for my ever-so-patient customers, and now...babysitting for two of my grandchildren (Jack & Sofie, ages 4 & 2) now that my daughter's in the throes of morning sickness with #3!
Aren't they the cutest little minions?!

On to Market/Festival!

Pre-Market activities begin with an all-day marathon called Schoolhouse. This year I attended 15-30 minute sessions from 10am-6pm with fellow Sew-Hos Peggy, Kathi, and Mandy, and good friend, Nancy. Went to some great presentations by Andover, Krause, Marti Michel, Avlyn, Pin Peddlers, RJR, Sizzix, Electric Quilt, Kaufman, Cabin in the Woods (just had to see what they were all about - great patterns and books), AccuQuilt, and so many more.

Sometimes, you'll get handouts or freebies, or even win a doorprize. Here's some of the loot I  was lucky enough to pick up from some of the Schoolhouse presenters: fusible batting, Steam-a-Seam, totes, charm packs, fat quarters, patterns...

After an exhausting day of running from class to class, and lugging a bag (getting heavier and heavier with freebies :sob:), we quickly ran to the car to stow all our loot, then headed to the Hilton lobby restaurant for a quick dinner before the quilter's version of the running of the bulls called Sample Spree. Didn't drop as much dough as I have in year's past, but that was only because I limited myself to cash only - no credit cards, no checks. I kept to my budget, and I got everything I wanted (almost), but it wasn't nearly as much fun as last year, when I went kinda nuts. Picked up some good deals from the Woolly Lady, Robert Kaufman, Electric Quilt, Bareroots patterns, etc.

With Schoolhouse and Sample Spree behind us, we limped out to the car like a bunch of 3-legged dogs, and headed back to the Cabin Too for a final glass of wine and a good night's sleep. Then up at the crack and back downtown for the opening of Market and more shopping - and don't forget the freebies! Here's some of my haul - 

And now, for the annual (mainly) Footwear Fashion Show!

These boots (and the wearer) came all the way from Paris. Not Paris, Texas - Paris, France!

Guess what this girl's mom does for a living?

She's a professional longarm quilter - and she made these for her daughter! Awesome!

Ebony Love! Author of The Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting Tips - a must have for anyone interested in buying one, or getting the most out of their die cutting machine. And check out Ebony's custom-made dress - how cute is that?!
And speaking of dresses...
Thomas Knauer, designer for Andover, is wearing the skirt he made of his own fabric, and modeling the bag his mom made for him.

This is Richard, of Akonye Kena - another man secure enough in his own masculinity, that he's not above wearing a skirt in public.

And speaking of not wearing enough in public
Please God - don't let them bring leggings back...especially not lacey, stretched-beyond-the laws-of-physics, see-through ones. Please. No.

I need a palate 'bout this quilt hanging in the Marcus Brothers booth?
And how about this? Peggy, of Connect the Blocks is trying to decide which Anthology fabrics to stock. I voted for all of them, but Peggy still wanted to be able to afford her trip home. Pansy.
Incidentally, Peggy's going to be offering this shoe quilt as a Block of the Month soon. 
So, so cute!

Cute...cute...that reminds me...

Timeless Treasures had a bunch of hunky beach boys handing out Halloween candy. Oh. Yeah. And the girl had shoes. Or something.

And since it was Halloween, lots of vendors and shoppers were in costume - or maybe that's the way they always dress!

 This leather coat with applique and quilting took two whole cowhides to make. I asked.

Kathi Eubank, editor of On Track magazine, and Cara Gulati , talented quilt designer and author

And the last two pairs of shoes were seen in the Hilton lobby bar
I'm pretty sure they weren't quilters. I'm thinking they were working girls.

One more thing before I put Market/Festival to bed. Some of the booths were really imaginative:

And one of my favorite vendors with her products. I have at least 100 of them in my studio!

Wait. Don't go. I forgot. I found two quilts that I'd quilted for customers - one in a booth, and one in the show.
This one's featured in the Moda Bake Shop's new book, "Sweet Celebrations."

And this quilt was designed and pieced by quilt designer and author, RaNae Merrill

That's about it for the 2012 Sensible vs Sexy Shoe Battle. Hope you enjoyed it!


Lotte said...

Yes, I did enjoy it very much, both the photos and your comments, thank you very much for showing!

Carla said...

Love the blog. You definitely found the shoes. Wow. Now Leggin's they must not come back. I always think of what a friend of my said about them. You're gonna love this... "If that gal farts her pants will blow up like a balloon and pop" LOL. Okay it was funnier when he said it. Or maybe we were drunk at the time.