Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Fever!

Yesterday, after a busy morning of doctor visits, errands, and general waste-of-time running around, Gillian and I pulled into one of my favorite spots for gardening eye-candy, The Arbor Gate in Tomball.
I thought I'd just run in and see if I could find the perfect flower pot for a large Spathiphyllum that Andy received while he was in the hospital a few months back. Five minutes in and out, right?
Reason #1: Too many distractions
One of these would add so much color to the log cabin!

Love these chairs, but need a crane to get me up out of them!

That's more like it - and a pillow for my back!


Oooo - wouldn't that look great in my koi pond?!

No - this one!

Reason #2: Too many choices

Reason #3: The inside - more stuff!
Yes, that's Gillian's finger in his nose...classy. Like her mom.

I give up. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow


Charmaine said...

too many temptation! I understand why you need the second trip

Carla said...

I love Arbor Gate. We went last weekend and there is no way you can go in for just 5 minutes. Too many pretties that deserve attention. I wonder where Gillian would have learned such behavior?! LOL

Diane said...

I have no idea, Carla!