Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Desktop Calendar

It's 5 minutes to midnight on October 31st, so I've got plenty of time to show you a picture of the South Carolina grandkiddos in their Halloween costumes: The Ghostbusters and the StayPuft Marshmallow Man! Aren't they adorable??

And Sofie was wearing her Halloween glow in the dark nail wraps by Jamberry! 

Now that all the little zombies are in bed, it's time for two things: an adult beverage and the November calendar - enjoy!

Click to expand the image to full size, right-click and choose Set as Wallpaper or Background.
To really make the calendar "pop" right-click on your background and choose black. Your family and co-workers will be jealous of your awesome wallpaper! Be sure to tell them where you found it!


Carla said...

Thanks for the calendar!
Those grandkids are cuties

Quilt Junkie said...

Yep - those grands of yours are positive adorable!!! Just too stinkin' cute - every single one of them.

Thanks for the calendar - I'm loving this quilt! I also feel caught up. Sort of. I just realized the desktop calendar I was using was .. um .. July 2015. :-o