Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Desktop Calendar

 So 2014 is over, and I, for one, am looking forward to 2015...not necessarily anxiously, but more like guardedly optimistic about the year ahead. (Attention Grammarians - please don't start my new year off with correcting that sentence. Have pity on me and 1) my cold, 2) my 3rd glass of champagne, 3) my lack of sleep, or 4) my total disinterest in language arts at the moment. Or all of the above. Except for the 3rd glass of champagne. It's my 4th. And it's Moscato Asti. Happy New Year to me! And to you!
Lately, I'm kinda into hexagon and other one-patch quilts, so I'm thinking that this year's calendars should all be some sort of charm-type quilt. We'll see. I might get bored in a few months and change my mind. But my New Year's Resolution is to stick with my commitments - at least for January! Wish me luck. My other New Year's Rez is not to be too hard on myself when I blow it. I think we could all use a little more 'grace' in our lives. We're all going to fall and fail. Leave the judging to outside observers and be gentle on ourselves. We not only need it - we deserve it.
Here's to new starts, halting steps, perseverance, and getting up to try again.

Click to expand image to full size, right-click and choose Set as Wallpaper or Background.
To really make the calendar "pop" right-click on your background and choose black.
I'll be back in a few - in the meantime, enjoy your desktop calendar, and accept my best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!


Lotte said...

Thank you very much for your work, I really enjoyed 2014 and look forward to 2015's one patch calendars

Barbara said...

Happy New Year to you too! I look forward to seeing the new desktop calendars you create each month. Thank you for doing them. :o) Hope 2015 is a great year for all.

Quilt Junkie said...

Very well said Ms. Asti! Truly, we DO need to be much kinder to ourselves. Sounds easy enough but it's oh so difficult ...

Thank you for another great calendar! Here it is January 16th and I *just* realized I still had November's calendar on my desktop. DOH!! Does that tell you how December went?

Here's to an awesome 2015!

Carla said...

mMMM asti.
Hope your 2015 is awesome and full of pleasant surprises.
I too am hoping for a better year.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the monthly calendars. Display them proudly each month on my laptop desktop. Helps keep me organized. I confess to being neglectful in thanking you each month but I do so appreciate them and your creativity in creating them.