Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

2013 has been some year at our house! Lots of changes brought even more changes:

  • my oldest daughter and her family were transferred 843 miles away, to South Carolina, where they added a new grandbabyboy to the clan 
  • my youngest daughter's at Texas Tech in Lubbock, a mere 508 miles away 

With their moving, I've added a total of 10,138 miles to my odometer, just driving back and forth! 
The ytd auto issues on these trips: 
  • 1 blown tire 
  • 1 giant oil leak  
  • 1 dead battery 
  • 1 way-dead alternator
It's a good thing I like driving!
This last trip to SC saw me ordering a new car from my favorite son-in-law, the sales manager at the Greenville, SC Mini Cooper dealership, Century BMW/Mini

Same as my current Mini, except it's in Ice Blue, kind of a pale confederate blue. And we're back to full warranty for all repairs, routine maintenance and tires. I should have it in a few weeks. They'll either deliver it to me here in Texas, or I just might fly out to SC and drive it back myself. Alone. In silence. It'll be like a vacation.

I know I came here for something...oh. I remember - the new calendar! 
I hope you all have a terrific 2014!

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Anonymous said...

hi diane. best wishes for the new year to you and your family! thank you for continuing with the calendar. i look forward to your monthly creations. h_lh

CPNS 2014 said...

Happy new year