Monday, July 23, 2012

Thanks to Y'all...I Won!

About a week ago, Michele over at The Quilting Gallery had a Memory Quilts contest, and I entered one of my quilts, "Sean's Medallion." It was a special quilt, made for the family of a very special man killed on 9-11. You can see the story of how his quilt came to be in the previous post. Anyway, thanks to all of you, my quilt won! And today I received this in the mail:
"Hmm...wonder what that could be?" she thought. "I don't know anyone in Canada...I don't think I've ordered anything. Hmph. Weird." What's weird is that I can remember my best friend from 2nd grade's birthday (haven't even heard from her since 1968), but the fact that, less than 10 days ago, I won a contest sponsored by a Canadian online quilt shop was completely gone from the file cabinet of my brain. More like a sieve, but anyway... This is what I won: 2 gorgeous quilting magazines!
The first one, Quilter's Connection is a Canadian magazine with lots of beautiful projects.
The second one, Vignette is from Australia and has full size applique and embroidery patterns and recipes!
Yeah. I probably won't try any of the handwork, but that Quilter's Cake has a pretty good chance of showing up at my bee this Thursday! Especially if I can get Gillian to do the honors. My thanks to the sponsor of the contest, Valerie Moss, of Pastimes Online.
Check out her website - I'm ordering the Quilter's Tea to go with my Quilter's Cake. Her Sewing Machines BOM is kinda calling to me, but I know me: not gonna happen unless I can strongarm someone else into making it for me. Anyway - many thanks to Michele at The Quilting Gallery, Valerie from Pastimes Online, and especially, you for voting for Sean's quilt.


Charmaine said...

Please! to Gillian's making the cake! Yea to winning the contest

Carla said...

Congrats on winning and how about that cake for the retreat at the end of August. Dear Sweet Lovable Gillian should have that cake down to a perfection by then. ;o)