Friday, June 29, 2012

Toot, Toot!

Even though the monthly desktop calendar post is due to be posted in 1.5 days, I couldn't wait to toot my own (and my customer's) horn! Mary Lane Brown, of The Tulip Patch, has a quilt showcasing Moda's "Flora" by Lauren & Jessi Jung, in Moda's upcoming book, "Sweet Celebrations with the Moda Bake Shop Chefs," by C&T Publishing. Out in time for Fall Quilt Market.
Mary's done several projects for Moda Bake Shop
You can get the skinny on Mary's blog, so I'll just cut to the chase for my part. Mary called me a few months ago and said she needed to get a quilt done poste haste, and could I do it? I was swamped with quilts waiting to beat the deadline for our guild's show, but I squeezed it in anyway. I'm a soft-touch, and hate saying no. Back in the old days, because I was constantly being asked to make brownies, drive carpool, be a room mother, etc., I actually taped a piece of paper on my phone that said, "I'm sorry, I can't talk right now. I'll need to call you back." That would give me a little time to think about the request and formulate a plausible reason why it would be absolutely impossible for me to...whatever-it-was. Then when I'd call them back, they'd beg and plead til I gave in. I tore up that note and wrote another one: "I'll have to ask my husband." (Not politically correct, but it served its purpose.) Unfortunately, that landed me back into the same loop: I still had to talk to them again, and I'd end up giving in. Again and again. Then, it hit me: they weren't asking me because I was me - they were asking me because my name was Anderson. There were only a couple of other "A-named" families in our church and school. My name was just up at the top of the list. I was crushed. They didn't actually want me, they just wanted someone to answer the phone and say yes! That's when I realized that this was good news! I ripped that note up and wrote another. Just one word. (No, not that. That would be two words!) It was NO! Feel free to use my's kid-tested and husband-approved. So where was I? Oh yeah. "Of course I can do your quilt!" So I did.
Congratulations, Mary - it looks terrific!


Beth said...

good for you...toot that horn! The quilting looks great! I have the same trouble..but they must get ALOT of nos. My last name starts with S! By the time they get to me the are DESPERATE! lol I said yes to a lady who just wandered into my small quilt group needing a long armer. SIGH..but what a CUTE....LITTLE ...Hungry Caterpillar quilt! I was hooked...lolol

Carla said...

toot away. Beautiful quilting. The quilt is darling. You're sew good.