Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Party Bling

My local guild had our annual Christmas party the other night and I noticed that many of our members went all out in their Christmas attire. Some had jazzy vests, some had cute earrings, and others had some good-looking bling! Harking back to my footwear fotos at Quilt Market, I thought I'd annoy everyone with extreme closeups of their holiday finest. Mostly they didn't mind my leaning in with TSA-inspired intrusiveness, and just smiled and nodded til I went away.

And some pretty snazzy jewelry!

Santa Troll earrings!

And the piece de resistance, a hand-beaded Santa, with free-swinging beard and teensy tiny bells clustered along the bottom. It was unbelievably intricate. I had to fight the urge to mug her in the parking lot. Man, do I regret missing my chance!

But I was rewarded for my self-control when, on my way home, I stopped at the retreat to lock up after the beading group that just left, and I found this:
Royelle left this for me. How exquisite is this?! If I'd stopped at the retreat on my way to the party, I would have had some bling to wear, too! Next year I'll be ready.


Charmaine said...

Humorous as always! You always add sparkle [ pun intended] to your messages

AnnieLiz said...

Ooooohhhhh!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the bling! And what a great surprise from Royelle -- just GORGEOUS.

I gotta find me some Troll Santa earrings (or something), and I need one of those Merry Tex-Mas shirts. Any idea where that one came from? (And I hope it wasn't something the wearer embroidered herself ... gggrrrrr...)

Thanks for sharing the Christmas sparkle with us!