Saturday, October 30, 2010

Festival Fashions & Footwear!

Deb (one of the owners of Quilters' Crossing in Tomball) and I spent the last two days at the International Quilt Market in Houston, and after seeing quite a few interesting ensembles, I decided they needed to be immortalized on my blog. Forget the quilts, fabrics, notions, patterns and embellishments - the real action was the people watching.
Since this is Halloween weekend, many of the visitors and vendors got all decked out - some more successfully than others.
This vendor said she couldn't compete with the one across the aisle, so she was reduced to playing crossing guard

Unfortunately for her, she was forced to spend the entire time being upstaged by

These ladies coordinated their outfits

As did they

And so did they!

Speaking of retro - how about bell-bottoms?

Or how about this guy? What a good sport, to walk around the convention center in a giant version of their company's pattern
And no trip to Market or Festival would be complete without an Elinor Peace Bailey sighting!
Scanning down to her feet, here's what Elinor was wearing

Speaking of quilting celebrity feet - guess who belongs to these?

Cara Gulati!

These two didn't know quite what to make of me, but I thought their boots looked pretty darn good!

Some shoes were winners, and some not so much, but I enjoyed looking for samples to shoot!

I had a pair just like these back in '68 which I wore with my straight leg Levis and levi jacket. Which I still have!

And these feet had a sweet story. They belonged to a young mother who'd lost her little girl Kyrie to cancer a fews years ago, so she has her daughter's name along with a halo and angel wings tattoo'd on her foot. I wasn't expecting that when I asked to take a photo of her camo slippers all bling'd up.

Deb & I made it 3/4 of the way through the convention center before we finally cratered. Made our way to the Starbucks stand to take a break and put our feet up. This is just the way I like my coffee: strong enough to stand a spoon up in it!

After we'd rested, we dragged ourselves up and down the last 1/2 dozen aisles and stumbled on this booth, featuring the new book by quilt and fabric designer RaNae Merrill...and the quilt that I quilted for her was featured on the cover! How cool is that?!

Oh - and last but not least, this doesn't really count as fashion, but what the hey. This is an ironing board cover with a sexy hunk covered only by a loosely draped fabric. Guess what happens when you iron on it??

Don't think I can top that, so I'll call it a day. Except I still haven't finished the November desktop calendar. Better get movin' on that before I hit the sack.


Charmaine said...

always great fun to read your observations!

Kathy Davis Studios said...

Hi Diane, Thanks for featuring Kathy and Melissa's "pretty darn good" looking boots in your post. We shared a link to your blog with Kathy's fans on Facebook so they can see your wonderful photos. Check it out: