Saturday, July 24, 2010

Santa's on the Loose: Lock up Yer Booze and Yer Women!

Apparently after we all went to bed, Santa was able to escape from the attic and creep downstairs undetected. When we awoke yesterday morning, he was set up at his sewing station, having swiped Peggy's Featherweight, along with something from just about every retreater. We caught him with Deb's rotary cutter, Reeze's pincushion, Mandy's thread, Charmaine's scissor lanyard, Kathi's string blocks(which he made into a lovely vest), and Peggy's rainbow colored vitamin case. (I suspect he thought he was going to score something really good.)

After he returned all his 'borrowed' items, we allowed him to accompany us to La Trattoria di Alba, Tomball's newest Italian restaurant.
We tried to keep him away from the wine list, but after referencing his naughty/nice lists, the waitress quickly brought him a bottle of white zinfandel to match his coat, in case he spilled.
The meal was terrific, especially the seafood crepes!
As we left, we stopped to take a picture of the group, and our tipsy friend almost fell into the rosebush!

Back at the retreat, he tried to get a little frisky with Trish! He lulled her into a false sense of security by offering her his coat, then sidled up to her and tried to take liberties! Look at that leer!

When his advances were rebuffed, he found consolation in the bottom of a bottle wandering around the rest of the evening with only his nightshirt on.

We did a quick check to see if he was hiding any more contraband (which he seemed to enjoy!) before sending him back up to the attic.

After partaking of some Dutch Courage, Peggy tearfully confessed that Trish wasn't the first to experience Santa's unwelcome advances. During our excursion to the quilt shop the previous day, he'd given her a 'lovepat' on the way out of the store.

And this morning, I caught him trying to sneek into Reeze's room! Not that she would've minded...especially since she missed her opportunity with the pizza guy.


Charmaine said...

As we each head back to our respective homes and usual activities, we know this was the best retreat yet. We'll have to work very hard to make next year's even better, but I'm sure we can manage. What a fantastic group of ladies with which to sew and have fun.

Diane said...

I have an idea for next year's retreat, but I'm not even going to HINT at what it is! It'll involve a video camera, though, so there'll be plenty of blackmail material to go around!

Carla said...

You guys have too much fun! What imaginations you have.

Carla said...

You guys have all the fun! too funny.