Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Official!

My good friend Deb is opening her own quilt shop in Tomball this summer! It's going to be called QUILTERS CROSSING, and will be located in the Old Town Tomball section of downtown, right across from Relics by the Railroad and The Whistle Stop Tea Room. It's the perfect spot, with several excellent restaurants within walking distance. She'll have 2 buildings: one for the quilt shop, longarm quilting and machine sales, and one for the classroom.
She and her friends are busy painting, ordering fixtures, and most importantly: ordering fabric!
Stay tuned for an update with more photos, and when they set a date for the opening, you'll be the 2nd to know!

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Quilted Quickies said...

Good luck to them. Looks like a really cute place and what a great location it seems with the tea room and other restaurants.