Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Road Trip

So guess where I went for Mother's Day?
Nowhere! We were planning on going to a little restaurant in Snook, Texas - but, after forgoing breakfast in bed, and getting the gang up and ready for travel, we discovered that they weren't even open on Sundays!
So, on Monday, we did it all over again and drove the 70+ miles to Snook, population 568. If we'da blinked, we woulda missed it.

We arrived at Sodolak's Original Country Inn around lunchtime and found all the locals enjoying their giant steaks, Texas toothpicks, and what they're (in)famous for:

Chicken Fried Bacon!

I know. But I saw it featured on the Travel Channel a few months back during the same episode that they highlighted Goodson's Restaurant, 5 minutes from my house in Tomball. See for yourself in this clip from Texas Country Reporter - featuring our waitress, who didn't at all live up to her sign:

At first only Andy was willing to indulge my craving, but MJ decided to try it. Gillian resisted til I gave her a tiny piece to taste, and she was won over.

It was crisp, and not at all 'flubbery' - easy to chew - it practically melted in your mouth. And the country cream gravy was the perfect accompaniment. We definitely shoulda got 2 orders!

We are so going back!

Oh. I forgot. As if we hadn't already done enough to get to workin' on a heart attack, we spotted this on the way home and had to stop for a chocolate malt, a Heath Blizzard and an Oreo Brownie Earthquake.

No dinner Monday night.

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