Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Has Sprung in Texas!

My first spring in our new house has brought so much beauty, I don't think I can stand it. I really appreciate our old neighbors' (from whom we bought the house) efforts when they planted dozens of azaleas 25 years ago. They have literally exploded with blooms and color, and even fragrance. I had no idea they even had a scent since the 2 puny little azaleas back at my log cabin never had enough blooms to even take a picture of. So pathetic.
But now, we've got these:

and several dogwoods
Unfortunately, along with the beautiful weather, has come another harbinger of spring, the ever-hungry Blue Heron. 
He ate my last blasted koi. So now we have a pond filled with algae, some unknown variety of vine, and little else. That koi was big enough to make a good-size serving of sushi. If it was going to be eaten, it should have been by us!
Damn bird - I hope he chokes.


busylizzy said...

OH, the azaleas are gorgeous Diane! Congrats on the new place. I didn't even know you moved. I hope you are enjoying your new home. It looks like a beauty.

Diane said...

We're just a little further down our dirt road. We bought the neighboring 8 acres, and are slo-o-o-wly carting 25+ years of possessions down there, one truck, pt cruiser, and mini cooper load at a time. It's the longest move over the shortest distance in history!