Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009: As Seen on TV

Thanks to my daughter Gillian, we had a themed Christmas this year: all our gifts had to have been featured in an infomercial. We had the best time shopping for tacky (cheap) products that no one would actually buy for themselves.
A selection of items that we received. There's more, but I couldn't get them all together for the picture. Some, like the Slap Chop, have already been put to use!
Speaking of the Slap Chop - have you seen Vince's Slap Chop infomercial as a rap remix?

ADDENDUM: I must say that it took all the stress out of Christmas shopping this year: no agonizing over the "perfect" gift for friends and family - it was all goofy!


lvscrafts said...

I totally love the idea your daughter had for your themed Christmas!! I bet you had a ball Christmas morning - maybe I can "gift-lift" this from you for my next Christmas!!!

Diane said...

Absolutely! Just don't wait til Christmas Eve to do your shopping or you'll only find blue Snuggies and Bumpits. Do it by mail for the best and quirkiest selection:
You won't believe all the weirdo stuff they sell at 3am!