Monday, November 2, 2009

R & R

After the past several months' stressful issues, I decided to actually follow through on my commitment to attend a retreat at the Sky-Vue Lodge in Winslow Arkansas.

It's a quaint B&B-type lodge with cute little cabins that sleep from 3-6. All have been restored and updated, and painted a beautiful pale blue to match the sky.

16 friends and I sewed, quilted, ate, napped, joked, enjoyed the sunrises, and had a thoroughly wonderful time. The winding road through the Boston Mountains just about did me in, but once I settled into taking several naps a day, I felt refreshed and relaxed.
My room had a lovely electric 'log' fireplace which came in really handy when the temperature dropped to 40* - when we left Texas, it was 80! I woke up during the night and took this with my iPhone. It was so toasty!

Here's a group photo taken by Glenn, the owner, on the porch of the giant "Upper Room" where we sewed.
My friend and designated driver, Peggy, is 3rd from the right, and I'm 5th from the right. I'm so glad Peggy doesn't mind driving 9 hours each way from Houston -> Winslow!

And this is what we woke up to every morning - the sun rising over the Ozarks!

The trip was exhausting, and I came home really, really tired, and it put me back a few days in my quilting (sorry, Daniel), but I'm glad I went.
Now I just need to get it in gear and get the rest of these customer quilts done!

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